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M3 CS Special Edition Coming Next Year

With the extensive use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) lightening the weight by 110 pounds over the standard BMW M3, the new M3 CS will offer more speed, better handling and a lower center of gravity than its M counterparts when it becomes available for sale at Chapman BMW on Camelback next year. The BMW M3 CS is limited to just 1,200 units worldwide, with only 550 vehicles for sale in the United States. Be the first in line next May when the company starts taking orders if you want a chance to own one of these special vehicles.

M Stands for Motorsports

The “M” in the name of the BMW M3 CS stands for Motorsports, the BMW division devoted to transferring all of the knowledge gleaned from years on the European racing circuit to cars available for everyday driving. The new M3 CS is a shining example of the use of this knowledge, with features such as electromechanical steering, stability control and a 7-speed double-clutch transmission with shifting paddles mounted on the steering wheel. An Active M Differential electronically controls the traction, providing grip to the wheel that needs it the most. It also communicates with the stability control system to allow the maximum amount of torque delivery to the rear wheels to maintain control, while still allowing enough slip for you to execute some drifts. It’s this type of performance combined with the luxury and sophistication of a BMW that driving enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy.

Inline 6-cylinder Gets Power Boost

While engineers cut weight from the new BMW M3 CS, they also boosted the power in the popular inline 6-cylinder engine by 28 horsepower. The M3 CS also gets a 10 percent torque boost to 443 pound-feet, creating a smile-inducing, back-crunching thrill ride the moment you tromp on the accelerator. The standard four-tailpipe exit at the rear creates low back pressure, enhancing power and delivering that characteristic rumble that only comes in an M-Series vehicle.

Dynamic Look Cut from Muscular Cloth

No matter from which angle you view the new BMW M3 CS, the look is the muscular, athletic design of an unmistakable premium sports car. Twin-LED headlight pairings provide nice bookends to the familiar kidney grille. The front apron features a large air intake that’s spectacular as well as technically necessary. It provides the air to cool both the engine and the oversized brakes. Strong lines continue to the back where the rear diffuser adds an exclamation point of style to the vehicle and makes for a nice view for any competitors who dare challenge the M3’s supremacy. Remember the M3 CS is an extremely limited version. Stay in touch often with Chapman BMW on Camelback so you can be one of the lucky ones to place an order next May.

BMW X2 Expresses Modern Vehicle Dynamics

You can expect something special when next spring rolls around. Along with Cactus League baseball, the smell of fresh flowers and the stir of life coming to the desert, BMW will be releasing a brand-new member of the popular X Sport Activity Vehicle Family. The X2 is a bold, uncompromising take on the future of modern transportation that stands out from the crowd. “The BMW X2 represents an expression of modern and extrovert vehicle dynamics,” according to BMW Senior VP Adrian van Hooydonk. “Its standalone vehicle concept brings a new, fresh and exciting facet of the BMW to the compact segment.” Stay tuned to Chapman BMW on Camelback for more information of the arrival of this exciting new addition to the Ultimate Driving Machine lineup.

Highly Distinctive Design Makes Distinct Impression

Even though it is a bit shorter and lower than the BMW X1, the new X2 is on the same length wheelbase, which gives it a much more muscular appearance. Short overhangs on the front and rear provide bookends to the stretched roofline, which hearkens back to the days of the popular coupes. “The BMW X2 fuses the fast-moving forms of a coupe with the robust volumes of an X model,” said BMW design executive Thomas Sycha. “It was important to us to make these apparently conflicting aspects of the BMW X2 and the car’s individual character something you experience from every angle and at first glance.”

Ready to Deliver Ultimate Driving Experience

With the power of the newest 2.0L twin turbo 4-cylinder engine delivering a healthy 258 horsepower, the X2 will deliver a fun time of just 6.3 seconds in the run from 0 to 60 mph. The engine will be paired with the latest 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers maximum fuel efficiency while getting the most production out of every gear. Choose the M Sport X package for faster shifts via the automatic transmission, as well as a pair of sport paddles mounted on the steering wheel for anyone who wants to be more involved in the driving experience. All this technology sits on an intelligent chassis that is tuned for the greatest agility and handling, providing you with the best drive possible.

Interior Offers Luxury and Comfort

When the new BMW X2 arrives at Chapman BMW on Camelback next spring and you slip behind the wheel for your test drive, notice the luxury, craftsmanship and sophistication of the premium interior. Even the instrument panel boasts contrasting stitching as a nice little touch of class. All the controls are within easy reach and you can expect the kind of technology that comes with German engineering. “We focused on presenting the customer’s interaction pathways with the car via the displays in a visually appealing and coherent way, as well as making them intuitive to use,” said BMW designer Gernot Schmierer. “With the BMW X2, we’re giving our customers the chance to interact with their car in the way they feel most comfortable.”

BMW Electrified Sales Top 2016 Mark

Consumers are warming up to the idea of driving electrified vehicles, as evidenced in the bump in sales of BMW units from 2016 to this year. BMW’s lineup of electrified vehicles has sold as many units in the first three quarters of this year as it did in all of 2017. Including MINI, BMW has a total of nine models available, resulting in sales of 68,687 across the world. That’s an increase of more than 64 percent from the same period last year, delighting BMW executives.

“We are pleased to see the ongoing, strong sales development of our unrivalled range of electrified vehicles, with independent reports confirming our leadership in the field of electromobility,” according to BMW board member Dr. Ian Robertson. “The BMW Group has the largest share of the electrified market worldwide; this year we’ve already sold more electrified vehicles than in the whole of last year and we are well on track to deliver our target of 100,000 by year-end. The continued significant sales growth of these vehicles is due in part to the increasing availability of the BMW 5-Series plug-in hybrid, which in some markets accounts for up to a third of BMW 5-Series sedan sales.” Check out the electric lineup of BMW vehicles when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback.

BMW Has Sights Set on Tesla

BMW has plans in the works to offer 12 different models of all-electric cars by 2025, shooting to take a large share of the market from Tesla and other automakers. “By 2025 we will offer 25 electrified vehicles and 12 will be fully electric,” Harald Krueger, CEO, told CNBC recently. “We will be increasing the share of electrified models across all brand and model series, and yes, that includes the Rolls-Royce brand and BMW M vehicles” Krueger said the electric cars will have a range of up to 435 miles, much farther than most offerings today. The company has heavily invested in its factories to be able to produce electric powertrains in just two years. That includes high-efficiency electric motors.

5-Series Plug-in Hybrid a Luxurious Business Sedan

The entire BMW 5-Series is known as a “business sedan” because of its relative affordability and extreme luxury and sophistication. The 530e plug-in hybrid now adds “efficiency” to that description, earning a rating of 72 MPGe from the EPA. Car and Driver magazine put the 530e through its paces and were able to coax 130 mph out of the sedan during a freezing rainstorm near Munich. The sedan will also travel about 30 miles using only electric power, with a top speed of 87 mph. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW on Camelback to hear about all the innovations on electric vehicles coming from the German automaker the next few years. When you’re ready, swing by for a test drive and see what it’s like to get behind the wheel of an Ultimate Driving Machine.

BMW vehicles are now more intelligent than ever, thanks to the expanded connectivity offered through the integration of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant that performs a variety of services through advanced voice recognition software. Starting with all the BMW and MINI models from the middle of 2018 on, Alexa will offer BMW consumers the ability to shop, make restaurant reservations and perform a variety of functions simply by speaking commands. “By making this step of integrating Alexa into our models from mid-2018, BMW and MINI will form a more intrinsic part of our customer’s digital lifestyles,” said BMW VP Dieter May. “Voice control first featured in BMW Group cars many years ago, and we are now enhancing its functionality by adding a digital ecosystem, which will open up all sorts of new possibilities that customers can access quickly and safely from their car.” Stay in touch with Chapman BMW on Camelback for more information on the integration of Alexa into all the BMW models.

Alexa Already in Limited Number of BMW Vehicles

Alexa has been offered in BMW vehicles on a limited basis since 2016, allowing users to get important vehicle information on their smart phone or home computer. Utilizing the BMW Connected mobility service, Alexa users can also make appointments and update their personal calendar including departure times and schedule routes. More than 8.5 million users worldwide are already using Alexa to make their daily life easier, paving the way for even more services in the upcoming years. You do not need a smartphone to use the Alexa service, as all BMWs come with a built in SIM card. “We are excited to work with BMW to bring the Alexa experience to their drivers,” according to Alexa Automotive VP Ned Curic. “Using your voice to enjoy content and interact with Alexa makes a great driving experience even better. We can’t wait for BMW customers to try this out.”

Alexa Just Another BMW Innovation

The use of Alexa in all BMW vehicles is another in a long line of innovations from the forward-thinking German automaker. Adaptive LED headlights, now available in many of the models ready for inspection at Chapman BMW on Camelback, follow your every move. No longer are you in danger of going off the road when you round a dark corner on a lonely road. Adaptive headlights turn with your vehicle to illuminate your path every step of the way. A full color heads up display, surround view camera system, night vision and connected drive apps are just a few more of the many breakthroughs that come with owning a BMW.

There may be no “i” in team, but it’s an important letter when it comes to the future of personal transportation. “i” is a shortcut to express the visionary vehicles of the future already being developed by BMW. At the recent Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW’s i Vision Dynamics Group unveiled the four-door electric Gran Coupe, a premium vehicle with a range of nearly 300 miles and top speed of 120 mph. It offers a look into the future for electric mobility from the leader in that category, BMW. “At the BMW Group, the future of electric mobility has already arrived,” according to BMW Chairman Harald Kruger. “We have more electrified vehicles on the road than any established competitor and are committed to expanding our activities in the field of electric mobility as part of our NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy. By 2025 we will be offering 25 models with an electrified drive system – of which 12 will be pure electric.” See all the innovative technology already offered when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback.

See Car of Tomorrow Today

Take a look at the picture above to see the future of transportation. The i Vision Dynamics vehicle offers a smooth roofline that accentuates a long wheelbase with very short overhangs that create a sophisticated design brimming with elegance. Sculpted surfaces flesh out the profile while providing an aerodynamic model that delivers the ultimate in performance and efficiency. You can barely see where the parts come together or where the metal stops and the glass begins. The result is an understated style that almost seems to fly as it cuts through the air. “BMW i is the innovation driver for the BMW Group,” according to board member Klaus Frohlich. “Here, visionary solutions and future-ready concepts become reality for the first time. But BMW i also acts as a spearhead of innovation for our other brands. The BMW i Vision Dynamics allows us to show right now what another electric BMW might look like. And BMW has demonstrated its talent for turning visions into real life throughout its history.”

Car or Spaceship? You Decide

The innovative i Vision Dynamics vehicle is as much spaceship as it is car, with a window profile that ties back to the current “i” lineup. A symmetrical layout gives the same great view to all passengers as well as the driver. Full-length glass on the sides will become more important as we move to autonomous driving, so all passengers have the same great transportation experience. To see more of what the future might bring, check out the i3 and i8 models at Chapman BMW on Camelback.