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BMW i3 Revolution Began With a Vision

Imagining a future transportation model where innovation becomes the norm and carbon footprints are reduced to a toe in the sand were just part of the vision that brought about the BMW i3. The all-electric i3 is part of the next phase of personal mobility, where how you get from point A to point B is just as important as whether you get there at all. With a range extender that allows for up to 180 miles between charges and more than 28,000 public charging stations, the BMW i3 is the cure for “range phobia,” or the fear of running out of juice during a trip. See all the technology and innovation that goes into the i3 when you take a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Carbon Fiber Brings Weight Down

One of the challenges of building an electric vehicle is coming up with just the right power to weight ratio. With an extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, BMW was able to cut the weight of the i3 without sacrificing safety. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is only about half the weight of steel, but just as strong. It’s also a thinner material, resulting in a lighter and open feeling in the roomy cockpit. The interior also features a heavy usage of renewable and recycled materials, adding to the environmental appeal of the i3.

Technology Key to i3 Success

From the onboard navigation system that makes driving around unfamiliar territory a snap to the mobile integration that lets you use a smart watch or phone to control important vehicle functions, the advanced technology of the BMW i3 is what lures many customers to try their first electric vehicle. Opt for the Level 2 charging station and you can bring your i3 up to a full charge in just 4.5 hours. It only takes about 40 minutes to get an 80 percent charge with the DC combo fast charger. When you’re out on the road, the ChargeNow Card gives you access to more than 28,000 charging ports across the U.S.

Choose Your World Special Package

When you purchase your BMW i3, you can literally drive in your own little world. That’s due to the number of special “World” packages that offer different color and feature combinations. Deka World is a calming interior featuring grey cloth and blue accents. Mega World makes the best use of renewable materials with a cream-colored leather and special trim. Giga World adds on to the Deka World package with special wheels and rich color combinations in the interior. For the ultimate in sophistication, check out the Tera World package with high-end renewable materials and upscale craftsmanship. Compare all the models and take a test drive today when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Each model of the impressive BMW 4-Series, the Gran Coupe, Coupe and Convertible, are impressive in their own way. Sitting low like an animal on its haunches, just ready to pounce, the 4-Series conveys power even when it’s parked. The aggressive interior gives way to a sophisticated interior designed around the driver to make the driving experience unforgettable and irresistible. Test drive a new BMW 4-Series today when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Engineered to be Nimble

With a low profile, stiff suspension and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the BMW 4-Series was engineered to be as nimble as a cat, albeit a very powerful cat. With a TwinPower Turbo engine that produces up to 320 horsepower, the 4-Series is capable of dashing from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds, making you the most popular driver in the office carpool. Don’t think that with such power comes the need to stop at every gas station. Aerodynamics and special features like strategically placed air breathers help reduce drag, meaning your new 4-Series can achieve up to 34 mpg.

Coupe Offers Unforgettable Athleticism

If you’re of the belief that two doors is just the right number, the BMW 4-Series Coupe is your kind of car. A stunning profile features smooth lines, flared wheel arches and a look that is unmistakably that of an Ultimate Driving Machine. Slip behind the wheel and the racecar seats will hug your body, keeping you firmly in place as you put the 4-Series through its paces on the track or a deserted country road. Stunning red leather with black accents make for a delightful combination that screams “speed.” Thoughtfully placed controls put the power of this BMW squarely at your fingertips.

Gran Coupe Offers More Interior Room

With four doors and a roofline that’s just a smidge higher than the Coupe, the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe delivers a bit more interior space and headroom. Rear seats fold down to provide 45.9 cubic feet of storage space for those times when you need to fit in some luggage, a big screen TV or all your ski equipment. The Gran Coupe performs like the Coupe in every other way, with some additional chassis strengthening provided to create similar rigidity and handling.

Drop the Top in 4-Series Convertible

If the thought of whisking through the desert with the sun on your head and the wind in your hair is appealing, the BMW 4-Series convertible is the vehicle for you. With the same outstanding performance as its siblings, this model offers the ability to raise or lower your top in just 20 seconds, even at speeds up to 11 mph. That can come in handy when a monsoon appears out of nowhere or some mountain showers try to dampen your day. Take some time to look over the entire 4-Series inventory when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback today.

New X3 Features Bold, Daring Design

BMW recently unveiled the third generation of the X3 Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), revealing a dynamic, bold design that combines the sophistication of an Ultimate Driving Machine with the rugged good looks of a vehicle capable of tackling any trail. When the new BMW X3 arrives on the showroom floor at Chapman BMW on Camelback later this year, buyers will be able to experience the muscular, aggressive body sculpting that contributes to the near perfect 50/50 weight distribution. A factory-installed trailer hitch, optional luxury package and some new comfort-enhancing features all add to the desirability of the 2018 X3.

M Sport Package Improves Performance

The base BMW X3 delivers a thrilling ride and the kind of performance you’d expect from a BMW, but add the M Sport Package and all the thrills get turned up a notch. By adding a front apron with huge air intake vents, trim on the side skirts and a rear apron that acts as a diffuser, the M Performance team of BMW delivers enhanced ability to grip the road. Double-spoke 19-inch wheels come with all-season or performance run flat tires, or you can choose 20-inch wheels as an upgrade. A leather wrapped steering wheel, “M” door sills and an upholstered dashboard complete the package.

xDrive Works with Chassis Dynamics

BMW’s patented xDrive sophisticated all-wheel drive system works in concert with an intelligent chassis design to deliver the best handling and all but eliminate the body roll that comes with most Sport Utility Vehicles. The “A” in SAV stands for Activity, which is what you’ll be encouraged to experience when you get behind the wheel of the X3. While the xDrive offers phenomenal gripping experiences on slippery roads, the intelligent chassis utilizes a double-joint sprung front axle and a five-link setup in the rear to provide straight-line stability even in tight corners. Electric power steering provides greater responsiveness without sacrificing any “feel of the road” that driving enthusiasts enjoy.

Choose from Iconic Engine Lineup

The BMW 4- and 6-cylinder Twin Turbo engines have long been a staple of the company, providing superior power and efficiency. The latest version of these two powerhouses include variable camshaft timing, a map-controlled oil pump and adjustable waste gate valve to provide even more performance. Choose the X3 M40i and you’ll get the 6-cylinder Twin Turbo engine that reduces turbo lag and provides immediate response. Check in often this summer with Chapman BMW on Camelback to see when you can test drive the new BMW X3.

Leave the competition in your rear view mirror with the SUV that replaces the word “Utility” with “Activity” when you own the BMW X6. Now available for inspection and a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback, the X6 not only has a design unlike any other SAV, but offers the performance to back up its bold features. Powered by an aggressively tuned twin turbo engine, the X6 also has the handling and agility to safely take you around the track or on lonely country roads and deliver a driving experience second to none.

Powerful Design Subtle Yet Expressive

With a sloping roofline that more resembles a racing coupe than a boxy SUV, the BMW X6 conveys power even when it’s standing still. Subtle touches like an air breather to the rear of the front fender and air curtain in the front air dam may not be instantly recognizable, but they deliver function as well as beauty. Choose the 20-inch V-spoke light alloy wheels and special performance tires that you can run even when they’re flat and you’ll add to both the looks and capability of this special vehicle.

Cabin Steeped in Luxury Appointments

From the Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster to the optional 20-way power seats that are covered in sumptuous Nappa Leather, the cabin of the BMW X6 screams comfort and sophistication. The instrument cluster changes colors depending on the driving mode you select, creating a calming ambient lighting effect through the use of blue, orange and white LEDs. Opt for the Harman Kardon Surround Sound System and you’ll bathe in the power of a 600 Watt amplifier delivering concert quality sound. An optional Wi-Fi system keeps you and your passengers connected to the outside world. It includes a wireless charging system that keeps your phone running at optimal levels without the use of messy cords.

Choice of Engines Delivers Thrills

Whether you choose the 6-cylinder 3.0L engine that produces 300 horsepower or opt for the 445-horsepower V8, your BMW X6 has the power to put a smile on your face. Utilizing near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution and an intelligent all-wheel drive system that constantly monitors road conditions to deliver power to the wheel that needs it most, the X6 puts handling at a premium. Dynamic Damper Control and Dynamic Performance Control adds to your control as you power through hairpin turns. Experience the beauty and driving dynamics of the X6 today when you take a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Representing the height of integrating luxury and driving dynamics, the recently unveiled BMW 8-Series concept coupe plays a very important role in the largest model offensive in the company’s history. Slated for release in 2018, the new BMW 8-series promises to take the Ultimate Driving Machine to a whole new level.

“The number 8 has always represented the pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW,” said BMW chairman Harald Kruger. “The forthcoming BMW 8-Series coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment. In the process, we will strengthen our claim to leadership in the luxury class.” You can wait for 2018, or see the current state of luxury by inspecting the inventory at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Concept Reveals New Ideas

Although one look at the concept shows an unmistakable link to current BMW models, the concept 8-Series is full of new ideas. “The design of the BMW Concept 8-Series provides a fresh interpretation of iconic BMW styling cues,” said BMW VP Adrian van Hooydonk. “And it also showcases a new approach to the use of forms which is reflected particularly prominently in the car’s surfacing. A handful of crisp lines mark out clear surfaces, and the car’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. Together, these elements make a forceful statement and create a model brimming with character. In short, this is a driver’s car.”

Low, Powerful Silhouette Sweeps Over Road

A long hood and extended flowing roofline produce a silhouette that looks in motion even when standing still. The 8-Series concept trailing edge sweeps upward to a crisp ending that ties in perfectly with the vehicle’s rearward flow. Surfaces and forms are dramatically arranged to catch the eye and turn the heads of innocent bystanders. Slip behind the wheel of the new 8-Series and you’ll instantly be transported into a future where the driving experience is still important and the look of a person’s automobile says a lot about their life situation.

Luxurious Interior a Blend of Sophistication and Function

From the specific grouping of controls to make life easier for the driver, to the use of upscale materials and design, the interior of the new BMW Concept 8-Series is designed for both function and luxury. The form is geared toward sportiness, but you’ll enjoy the liberal use of premium leather in the seats and trim. The use of aluminum to contrast the dark leather adds to the feeling of driving a race car, while carbon fiber accent pieces serve to lighten the weight while adding a sense of modernness. The new 8-Series is coming in 2018. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW on Camelback to make sure you’re first in line for a test drive.