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That’s right.  We have made the plunge into the social networking world by creating ourselves a Facebook page for our customers and friends.  Once a blocked site on our work computers it is now a part of our daily regimen.  We figured with over 86% of the people using this form of networking we had better get on board and do the same.

Social Media is just a new form of communication that we have now accepted and embraced as part of our marketing mix and we hope to encourage our customers and friends and family to join us on Facebook and follow our news and stories and to post their own comments.  Social networking is just part of the ambient fabric now, a subtle flavor, like adding celery into soup.

At the end of the day, if success is interacting with our clients, which we know it is, then Facebook is a great additional way to do that.  Social networking websites have been revolutionizing the entire world so we of course want to be a part of that.  I know Facebook began in 2004 and it is now 2011 but as they say….. better late than never.  In an effort to keep in touch with our customers and friends, share stories and news, we have created a great page which we invite you to join and enjoy for all the latest BMW News, Customer Sales, BMW information articles, Sale Announcements, Specials, Competitions and more.  With more than 500 million people with a Facebook page, if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest population in the world and we are excited to announce our participation in this statistic.

Please take a moment to join us on the Chapman BMW on Camelback Internet Department Facebook page and enjoy our department’s posts and video’s that are updated constantly and we will look forward to welcoming you as part of our social network family!

2011 BMW X3
BMW wants people to know that its new X3 crossover comes in all sorts of flavors — and that it is built in the U.S. BMW will get these messages across both in the TV spots and through a new social-media push.

The campaign features a two-year lease on the vehicle for the person who gets the exact configuration of the X3 featured in the spot. “The X3 Matchup” program running through Feb. 10 directs consumers to BMW’s USA Facebook page, where they can upload one configuration try per day.

BMW says the point of the program is to talk about the fact that there are almost 10 million configurations for the X3, and that the crossover vehicle is being built at BMW’s U.S. plant in Spartanburg, S.C. The winner of the contest gets a trip for two to the plant to pick up the vehicle, a tour of the facilities, and a two-day performance driving school class at the BMW Performance Center there. The company will also give awards to 10 other winners.

“The X3 Matchup allows us to highlight, in a fun way, the near-infinite number of ways BMW customers can personalize a new X3 and the fact that this vehicle is made right here in America,” said BMW marketing communications and consumer events manager, Trudy Hardy.

Another brand — Hyundai — is using the game and the weeks prior to tout its 2011 Elantra and Sonata vehicles.

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