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BMW and Team USA. Both are made to compete at the highest level. And both are at the top of their respective games. So, in the spirit of friendly competition, we’re hosting a unique event at CHAPMAN BMW ON CAMELBACK.
The BMW Drive for Team USA Event gives you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series and the all-new 6 Series Convertible. And we’ll also give you the chance to test drive the competition so you can truly see how BMW is at the top of its game. What’s more, BMW will donate $10 to Team USA for every drive that’s scheduled. So when you get behind the wheel, you’ll be helping American athletes train and compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.   SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? 

We are hosting a day of competition and an event you wont forget.  We are doing our part in participating in BMW’s partnership to support U.S. Atheletes as they strive for the opportunity to be the worlds greatest.  Please join us and come and get behind the wheel and support Team USA in the 2012 Olympics and through the 2016 Games, right here from your home town.
The day will kick off with an in depth look at the innovations behind the BMW brand.  Chapman BMW on Camelback will be offering an exclusive sales incentive on this day also, so please visit the link and sign up and we will look forward to seeing you!

Be sure to sign up for this very special event for your chance to experience exhilaration and to help make a difference.  Visit or call 1-800-959-4269.  Tell your friends and family, the more the merrier and we will make it a great day at Chapman BMW on Camelback as always.

Chapman BMW Camelback

With gas prices on the rise and more stringent corporate fuel-economy standards on the horizon, it’s only right that BMW have a solution for its BMW drivers to consider.  A 4 cylinder TwinPower (single turbocharger) the first in the brand since 1999 is on its way to our showroom starting this fall.

BMW is substituting its much loved two turbochargers with a single TwinPower turbocharger on some engines, A single turbocharger with two scrolls is more efficient, and we like those words a lot, on engines that have cylinders positioned in a straight line  Do not fret our BMW enthusiasts, the twin-turbo technology will persist on high-performance 6- and 8-cylinder models, as well some diesel engines.

We are looking forward to welcoming the new BMW Z4 sDrive28i to the family and being able to offer our customers the option of going with something efficient and yet still carrying the undeniable class and performance the BMW vehicles have earned.

The Scoop: This Z4 is the first BMW to get the company’s new turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, which takes this sports car back to its roots. Its predecessor, the Z3 roadster, was only offered with a 4-cylinder when it first launched in 1996. The new turbo 4-cylinder replaces the base inline 6-cylinder engine on the current Z4, which means the sDrive30i model is discontinued. Although it makes 15 horsepower less than the 6-cylinder it replaces, the new 4-cylinder cranks out 40 lb-ft more torque, which is a lot. It’s also 20 percent more efficient. The twin-scroll turbocharger makes it all possible, along with a litany of other mind-boggling feats of engineering. 

I could go on about the LDS-coated crankcase cylinder bores, height-staggered balance shafts and dual-mass flywheels,  increased torque, improved performance and much reduced fuel consumption  and emission levels but I am not going to lie that borders on being past my technical ability, this however does not: I think this new 4-cylinder is going to be a jewel of an engine. With its athletic design, agile handling and still powerful engine The fact that it’s lighter, too, will only make the Z4 even more fun to drive!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of the New 2012 Z4 arriving at your Chapman BMW on Camelback showroom soon!

That’s right.  We have made the plunge into the social networking world by creating ourselves a Facebook page for our customers and friends.  Once a blocked site on our work computers it is now a part of our daily regimen.  We figured with over 86% of the people using this form of networking we had better get on board and do the same.

Social Media is just a new form of communication that we have now accepted and embraced as part of our marketing mix and we hope to encourage our customers and friends and family to join us on Facebook and follow our news and stories and to post their own comments.  Social networking is just part of the ambient fabric now, a subtle flavor, like adding celery into soup.

At the end of the day, if success is interacting with our clients, which we know it is, then Facebook is a great additional way to do that.  Social networking websites have been revolutionizing the entire world so we of course want to be a part of that.  I know Facebook began in 2004 and it is now 2011 but as they say….. better late than never.  In an effort to keep in touch with our customers and friends, share stories and news, we have created a great page which we invite you to join and enjoy for all the latest BMW News, Customer Sales, BMW information articles, Sale Announcements, Specials, Competitions and more.  With more than 500 million people with a Facebook page, if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest population in the world and we are excited to announce our participation in this statistic.

Please take a moment to join us on the Chapman BMW on Camelback Internet Department Facebook page and enjoy our department’s posts and video’s that are updated constantly and we will look forward to welcoming you as part of our social network family!

What was the first BMW model assembled in the United States to feature in a movie you ask?  Why that would be the BMW Z3! The first modern mass-market roadster produced by BMW that rolled off the Plant Spartanburg assembly line beginning in October 1994.  It was introduced as a 1996 model year vehicle, and shortly after was featured in the classic must see movie ‘GoldenEye’.  James Bond was the proud driver of the Z3 that was equipped with the standard bullet proofing, full SATNAV tracking equipment, satellite downlink capabilities, a rear parachute, all-points radar, a great sound system and oh yes last but not least – Stinger missiles.  And no I am afraid these are not options on the Build Your Own BMW Website for 2012 models!


  • Pierce Brosnan received a BMW 850 CSI from BMW, for his promotion of the BMW Z3 in Golden Eye. Unable to resist the urge to test the road with his gift, he was caught by the police doing 120 mph. He was not given a speeding ticket, but instead interrogated about the bungee jump stunt in the movie!
  • BMW’s have been featured in other Bond movies including: Octopussy, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.

But the fame does not stop there by any means…..After some research and some fun findings our beloved and much admired BMW models are sprinkled throughout today’s Movies and TV shows and are really quite the star studded vehicle of choice whether it be for a car chase, lots of car chases actually, to the chauffeured 7 Series, a little kidnapping, and lets not forget time travel, comedy scenes, being chopped in half by a helicopter……. The list goes on and makes me want to go and watch

All three of the great Bourne Movies feature BMW’s, there are thousands of movies and TV shows, like CSI, Beverly Hills 90210 and Dead Like Me to name just a few.  Literally thousands of U.S.A. and Foreign films and TV shows have BMW’s as part of the cast!

Now, what we would like to know if you can take the time to comment is what is your favorite movie scene involving a BMW?  One of mine for starters is the Tom Hanks movie ‘Splash’ where he takes the car on a wild drive, sliding, cornering and even a jump, it was awesome!  But hands down I liked the chase in Ronin – watch the video here: and of course I liked it all the more because they show it being driven by a woman….  That’s just my pick, now share yours with us please!

Tell us your favorite or even just one that you noticed and thought ‘hey that’s a BMW’ and drop us a line……  Go on what else do you have more pressing than something fun such as this!?!  Take a coffee break and talk to us.  Chapman BMW on Camelback wants to hear from you!

Chapman BMW on Camelback BMW 6-Series Coupe 2011

The All-New 2012 BMW 6 Series  Update from Chapman BMW on Camelback

Be still the hearts of sports car aficionados everywhere…. we are fast approaching the arrival of the new BMW 6 Series. The third generation of the top-class 6 series sees BMW adding another chapter to its decades-long tradition in the production of exclusive Ultimate Driving cars.

The new 6 series is sure to impress with its stunning design and sharper driving dynamics than its predecessor, and lets not forget the noticeably optimized comfort levels and extra space. This upgrade offers the combination of top-class sporting ability, exclusive touring comfort and a 16.24 cu. ft luggage compartment.  The new 2012 6 series meets the highest expectations of driving pleasure and style in a large, premium 2+2-seater. The new BMW 6 series is longer and wider than its predecessor – making it an even more imposing mile-eater than the version it replaces and contains a few more gizmos and gadgets.  A V8 powerplant with turbochargers positioned between the cylinder banks develops maximum output of 300 kW/407 hp with a  standard eight-speed Sports automatic gearbox.  Plus an extensive range of BMW EfficientDynamics technology, including an Auto Start-Stop function,  a rear-view camera, Surround View, BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition and Parking Assist.  And.. yes there is more; the interiors are fitted out with Nappa leather seats and a high-end surround sound system to make you feel cosy and snug as you glide along the freeways.

Chapman BMW on Camelback will be proud to welcome the 2012 6 series in our showroom this fall.  Stay in touch and we will let you know when they arrive or contact us for more information at or 602-308-4269 and ask for the Internet Department.