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BMW Sets Price for All-new M5

When the brand-new BMW M5 arrives on the showroom floor at Chapman BMW on Camelback next spring, it will be the most technologically advanced vehicle in the BMW M-Series lineup to date. With an increased output of 40 horsepower on the 4.4L V8 and the ability for the first time to switch from two- to four-wheel drive on the fly, the new M5 offers explosive performance and unparalleled control. A brand new 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission will make the most of the 553 pound-feet of torque, launching off the line and squeezing the most out of every engine power range, completing the run from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. As you might expect, that technology comes with a price. That number is fixed at $102,600 plus destination and handling.

Engine Receives Thorough Overhaul

When it comes to issuing a new version of any vehicle in the BMW M-Series, the engineers start with the power plant and work their way out. The 4.4L V8 engine with M TwinPower turbochargers has been the mainstay of the M5 performance sedan, so there was no need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, the engine. Instead BMW engineers have implemented a number of enhancements to increase boost and injection pressure, and ultimately, horsepower and torque. New twin-scroll turbos were the key behind these improvements, providing shorter injection periods and improving the atomization of the fuel. Lubrication and cooling system units were also improved, keeping the engine running under optimal temperatures and moving freely. New cross-bank exhaust manifolds improve the energy flow from the exhaust to the turbines of the turbo chargers.

New M xDrive Provides Ultimate Handling

The new m xDrive system not only provides a smart all-wheel drive system that puts the drive emphasis on the rear wheels until they start to lose control, but the new version also lets the driver switch to all two-wheel drive mode. This not only improves fuel efficiency, but also gives the driver the option to perform a few drifts if he or she happens to run across an empty parking lot that’s begging for a little abuse. The M xDrive works with the Dynamic Stability Control system to help you maintain your vehicle’s stance when powering through corners or battling tough road conditions. A new dynamic chassis was developed on the M team’s racing circuit in the south of France, delivering agile and precise handling in all conditions.

Driver is in Charge of the Cockpit

The cockpit of the newest entry into the BMW M-Series is geared toward the drier, with all controls in easy ergonomic reach. As you might expect in a vehicle with this price tag, BMW has not skimped on the creature comforts and luxurious accommodations. Extended Merino leather is standard in the M5, as are heated and adjustable seats for both the driver and front passenger. The new BMW M5 is truly a marvel of modern engineering. See it next spring at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

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