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M3 CS Special Edition Coming Next Year

With the extensive use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) lightening the weight by 110 pounds over the standard BMW M3, the new M3 CS will offer more speed, better handling and a lower center of gravity than its M counterparts when it becomes available for sale at Chapman BMW on Camelback next year. The BMW M3 CS is limited to just 1,200 units worldwide, with only 550 vehicles for sale in the United States. Be the first in line next May when the company starts taking orders if you want a chance to own one of these special vehicles.

M Stands for Motorsports

The “M” in the name of the BMW M3 CS stands for Motorsports, the BMW division devoted to transferring all of the knowledge gleaned from years on the European racing circuit to cars available for everyday driving. The new M3 CS is a shining example of the use of this knowledge, with features such as electromechanical steering, stability control and a 7-speed double-clutch transmission with shifting paddles mounted on the steering wheel. An Active M Differential electronically controls the traction, providing grip to the wheel that needs it the most. It also communicates with the stability control system to allow the maximum amount of torque delivery to the rear wheels to maintain control, while still allowing enough slip for you to execute some drifts. It’s this type of performance combined with the luxury and sophistication of a BMW that driving enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy.

Inline 6-cylinder Gets Power Boost

While engineers cut weight from the new BMW M3 CS, they also boosted the power in the popular inline 6-cylinder engine by 28 horsepower. The M3 CS also gets a 10 percent torque boost to 443 pound-feet, creating a smile-inducing, back-crunching thrill ride the moment you tromp on the accelerator. The standard four-tailpipe exit at the rear creates low back pressure, enhancing power and delivering that characteristic rumble that only comes in an M-Series vehicle.

Dynamic Look Cut from Muscular Cloth

No matter from which angle you view the new BMW M3 CS, the look is the muscular, athletic design of an unmistakable premium sports car. Twin-LED headlight pairings provide nice bookends to the familiar kidney grille. The front apron features a large air intake that’s spectacular as well as technically necessary. It provides the air to cool both the engine and the oversized brakes. Strong lines continue to the back where the rear diffuser adds an exclamation point of style to the vehicle and makes for a nice view for any competitors who dare challenge the M3’s supremacy. Remember the M3 CS is an extremely limited version. Stay in touch often with Chapman BMW on Camelback so you can be one of the lucky ones to place an order next May.

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