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Representing the height of integrating luxury and driving dynamics, the recently unveiled BMW 8-Series concept coupe plays a very important role in the largest model offensive in the company’s history. Slated for release in 2018, the new BMW 8-series promises to take the Ultimate Driving Machine to a whole new level.

“The number 8 has always represented the pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW,” said BMW chairman Harald Kruger. “The forthcoming BMW 8-Series coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment. In the process, we will strengthen our claim to leadership in the luxury class.” You can wait for 2018, or see the current state of luxury by inspecting the inventory at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Concept Reveals New Ideas

Although one look at the concept shows an unmistakable link to current BMW models, the concept 8-Series is full of new ideas. “The design of the BMW Concept 8-Series provides a fresh interpretation of iconic BMW styling cues,” said BMW VP Adrian van Hooydonk. “And it also showcases a new approach to the use of forms which is reflected particularly prominently in the car’s surfacing. A handful of crisp lines mark out clear surfaces, and the car’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. Together, these elements make a forceful statement and create a model brimming with character. In short, this is a driver’s car.”

Low, Powerful Silhouette Sweeps Over Road

A long hood and extended flowing roofline produce a silhouette that looks in motion even when standing still. The 8-Series concept trailing edge sweeps upward to a crisp ending that ties in perfectly with the vehicle’s rearward flow. Surfaces and forms are dramatically arranged to catch the eye and turn the heads of innocent bystanders. Slip behind the wheel of the new 8-Series and you’ll instantly be transported into a future where the driving experience is still important and the look of a person’s automobile says a lot about their life situation.

Luxurious Interior a Blend of Sophistication and Function

From the specific grouping of controls to make life easier for the driver, to the use of upscale materials and design, the interior of the new BMW Concept 8-Series is designed for both function and luxury. The form is geared toward sportiness, but you’ll enjoy the liberal use of premium leather in the seats and trim. The use of aluminum to contrast the dark leather adds to the feeling of driving a race car, while carbon fiber accent pieces serve to lighten the weight while adding a sense of modernness. The new 8-Series is coming in 2018. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW on Camelback to make sure you’re first in line for a test drive.

With a pair of turbocharged engines from which to choose, a specially-tuned chassis and a suspension system that encourages a driver to unleash her or his sporty self, the all-new BMW 2-Series Coupe and Convertible are sure to spark consumer interest. The new 2-Series, winner of the latest J.D. Power “Best in Segment” survey, will be ready for a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback sometime in July.

Choose Coupe or Convertible

Whether you like the look of a hard top with a classic design, or a soft top that can let you get your hair in the wind on occasion, the new BMW 2-Series has a car for you. Both the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder option come with BMW’s TwinPower turbocharger for maximum power and efficiency. The four-cylinder generates a healthy 248 horsepower, more than enough for a dynamic driving experience. If you require a little more oomph, choose the 335-horse six-cylinder engine. Both engines are paired with an eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, which allow you to use paddle shifters to power through the gears when you’re in the mood. Conversely, you can also allow the transmission to use automatic mode for a leisurely drive.

Bi-LED Headlamps Light Up the Night

The BMW 2-Series now comes with standard Bi-LED twin headlights to provide sharp illumination at night. The flat-bottomed tubes are surrounded by daytime running light rings, topped off by the iconic BMW eyebrow. You can also choose adaptive LED lighting as an option, which will turn as you go around corners to illuminate what’s around the bend. The lights are just part of a sporty front end, characterized by the popular BMW kidney grille. You have 11 colors from which to choose when selecting your new 2-Series, including some new flavors on the palette. An enthusiastic Sunset Orange, dark Mediterranean Blue Metallic and light Seaside Blue Metallic are sure to please.

You’ll Always be Connected

With BMW ConnectedDrive, you’ll never be out of touch with the outside world. The new BMW 2-Series offers the very latest interface technology, with a standard 6.5-inch screen and available navigation. Use your iDrive controller, voice command or touch to make a phone call, respond to a text message or plan your next route. An enhanced Voice Recognition System helps you to focus on the road while still taking care of necessary tasks. An optional wireless charging system lets you keep your phone battery full without having to use messy cords. Make sure and take some time to let the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback explain all the new connectivity functions when you take your test drive this July.

Visionaries Encouraged to Submit Ideas

Recognizing the need to continue innovation to solve the problems of mobility that are coming in the next decade, BMW has teamed with the TED non-profit organization to help promote next-level ideas for transportation. By submitting an application at the “NextVisionaries” microsite, you have a chance to present your visionary idea at a TED conference in New York this fall. TED conferences have earned a worldwide following, sharing speakers with new ideas on everything from technology to entertainment. BMW’s visionary ideas are already in practice in the inventory you can see and test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

BMW iVentures Promotes Trailblazers

BMW is already working with visionary scientists and tech experts through its “iVenture” initiative that funds and promotes new ideas. “Ever since the founding of project “i” ten years ago, BMW i has been a visionary pioneer. This spirit of visionary thinking and pioneering action unites BMW i and the TED community,” said BMW VP Hildegard Wortmann. “For all pre-thinkers of inspiring and iconic visions around the mobility of tomorrow, we offer a great stage with this unique cooperation.” NextVisionaries is looking for new ideas that solve the problems of future mobility. Concepts can be related to new vehicles, technology, software, hardware or any products that have the potential to improve personal transportation in the future.

Submit Your Vision

Coming up with the vision for next-level transportation may be tough, but submitting it is easy. Simply go to the NextVisionaries website, come up with a catchy explanation, supporting imagery and links, if applicable. Although not required, a pitch video outlining your idea and methodology to success would be helpful in earning a spot speaking at the New York TED conference this fall.

BMW i Focuses on Visionary Vehicles

The BMW i group is responsible for promoting a sustainable transportation method that solves mobility problems while being kind to the planet. As well as serving as an incubator for innovation, the BMW i group is reponsible for the i3 electric car, i8 plug-in hybrid and BMW’s line of iPerformance plug-in hybrids. The BMW i group is also working with various car sharing enterprises around the world to make transportation affordable and accessible to more people. If you need some motivation to come up with a vision for the future, stop by Chapman BMW on Camelback and check out the technology already incorporated in BMW’s innovative i vehicles.