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BMW on Camelback

Ultimate Driving Machine Starts With Weight Disbursement

By almost perfectly splitting the weight of each vehicle over the front and rear axles, BMW creates its signature driving feel and earns the title “Ultimate Driving Machine.” The 50/50 weight distribution creates more control, while also providing a premium driving experience through greater agility and predictability. Safety is also enhanced with the lack of body roll and drift that usually come with less balanced vehicles. It’s not easy to create a perfectly balanced car, but BMW engineers always find a way, frequently by cutting weight to create a more efficient car. See how the 50/50 weight distribution improves handling by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback, your Phoenix BMW dealer.

Additional Technology Creates Superior Handling

Along with the weight distribution, BMW has taken advantage of all its racing expertise and implemented many different features that improve handling and control into its stock production vehicles. Active roll stabilization, four wheel independent suspension and electronic damping control are three ways in which BMW keeps you in control of the vehicle when conditions get dicey. Active roll stabilization reduces body lean when taking corners at high speed. This keeps the vehicle more level and gives the driver the ability to stay on the road. Electronic damping control utilizes sensors to analyze driving conditions and automatically adjust shock absorber settings. This not only gives greater control, but a much more comfortable ride. BMW achieves maximum stability by incorporating independent suspension at each wheel. This keeps the rubber in touch with the road and the driver in control of the vehicle and safely on the asphalt.

Aluminum Suspension Reduces Weight

By incorporating an aluminum suspension system, the BMW engineers have cut down on “unsprung” weight to create a better quality ride and superior handling. The aluminum sub frame is a clever way to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength or safety. The chassis is 85 percent steel, providing a safe foundation for your Ultimate Driving Machine. Another factor that goes into the BMW handling equation is the All-Season Traction component of Dynamic Stability Control. Sensors continually evaluate data as to road conditions, then deliver power to the appropriate wheel. The system also tells the engine to reduce torque and apply braking to keep wheel spin under control. Talk to the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback to see all the ways a BMW can make your driving experience more enjoyable.


IIHS Awards Top Ratings in All Categories

The diminutive and popular BMW X1 SUV has earned the distinctive Top Safety Pick + rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The highest rating the IIHS gives in any category is “good,” and the X1 earned that mark in five crash tests, as well as having a front crash prevention system that’s advanced or superior. A new structure and body setup improved the vehicle’s performance in the small overlap front crash test from last year. Test drive the 2016 BMW X1 today at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Driver Assistance Package Adds Safety Features

The BMW X1 has an available driver safety package that helps you transport your precious cargo with less chance of an accident. Lane departure warning alerts you that you’re drifting on those long, lonesome drives at night. Frontal collision warning lets you know of an impending front wreck and takes over the braking if you do nothing. Adaptive cruise control keeps you at a safe distance from the car in front, slowing as necessary and even coming to a complete stop if warranted.

Twin Power Turbo Provides Performance

Even though the X1 is the least expensive BMW SUV, it still has plenty of performance thanks to the 4-cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine. At just 1,250 RPM this engine delivers a potent 258 pound feet of torque, giving you the oomph to pass when necessary or get out of a dangerous situation. The engine incorporates a slew of patented BMW technologies to not only deliver 258 horsepower, but also get an outstanding 32 mpg out on the open highway. It is the most powerful engine in its class.

xDrive Keeps You in Control

BMW’s patented xDrive all-wheel drive configuration automatically transfers power when wheel slip is detected. This means you remain in control on ice, snow or wet road conditions. Now lighter than before, it also works with the chassis’ dynamic stability control to keep you moving and in charge when times get a little dicey. This system recognizes understeer and oversteer, automatically adjusting to keep you safe on every curve or change in road conditions. Dynamic traction control not only provides greater stability, but also lets you challenge road conditions. It provides a much better grip during slippery times.

Plenty of Room in Back Seat

If you’ve ever tried to sit in the back seat of a small SUV, chances are there was some groaning and folding of legs going on. The BMW X1 has 39.4 inches of head room in the back seats, which also slide and recline. See how comfortable a small SUV can be by taking a visit to Chapman BMW on Camelback.