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bmw ivision

High Resolution Display Responds to Driver Gestures

BMW came fully prepared to knock the socks off other automakers as well as the general public at the recent Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. “i Vision Future” is a 21-inch panoramic display that sits at an angle to the driver, responding to movements, touch and even voice control. AirTouch is a feature that responds to a driver’s gestures. It’s all part of the BMW concept vehicle i Vision Future, a vehicle produced to show how connectivity of the future will be based on the current situation at hand. Drivers will have access to important vehicle information, such as temperature, remaining battery charge or potential routes to their destination. Drivers can also use a smartphone to seamlessly communicate with the display in this concept of the future. Although it’s not on sale yet, you can view the current technology at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Heads Up Display Isn’t Going Away

While the panoramic display is a nice feature, the patented BMW heads up display remains to show vehicle info in the driver’s line of sight. Projected on the lower part of the windshield, the heads-up display provides information like speed, RPMs, temperature and other vehicle status. “The objective is to enable drivers to make relaxed and effective use of the freedoms offered by highly automated driving,” according to a BMW release. They add that the fun of driving a BMW is not going away soon for those who like to retain control of their vehicle.

Concept Spyder is Futuristic Version of i8 Hybrid

It doesn’t make sense to display a panoramic iVision display all by itself, so the engineers and designers took the i8 hybrid, available today for a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback, gave it a few twists and turns and developed the Spyder concept car for display at CES. BMW says the Spyder, a lowered and sculpted version of the i8, is what the future might hold for sporty, self-driving cars. When combined with the iVision display, the Spyder is highly automated and shows what the future of autonomous driving might be like. Although there is no price tag on the Spyder, the i8 is sold for well north of $100,000, so it stands to reason this updated version would exceed that figure.

Future is Now for BMW i8

Although it’s a lot of fun to look at concept vehicles, the i8 Hybrid is a technologically advanced sports car that provides a pretty clear look into the future. When you check out the i8 at your Phoenix BMW dealer, you’ll notice that along with the beauty of the aerodynamic design, the i8 combines the efficiency of an electric engine with the power of a turbo gas engine to provide high performance and great mileage. When paired with the streamlined design of the vehicle and the efficient dynamics that are part of all BMW vehicles, it results in a 4.2 second time from zero to 60 mph and a top speed of 155.


BMW at Forefront of Automotive Technological Revolution

Although we still haven’t reached the point of flying cars, with automakers like BMW pushing the envelope of new car technology, self-driving vehicles can’t be far away. The German car company is incorporating technology from its innovative BMW i8 hybrid into its complete car lineup, turning these luxury sports cars into even more advanced marvels that have amped up the safety and communication factor to the next level. Stop by Chapman BMW on Camelback and really take a close look at the entire lineup of vehicles to see how far advanced these cars have become.

LED Headlights Move as You Move

If you’ve ever been on a dark mountain road, you know that sometimes surprises lurk around every sharp turn. Whether it’s a deer crossing the road or a sofa that’s fallen off a truck, while your headlights are still pointing straight it’s impossible to see what’s around that bend. BMW’s new adaptive LED headlights turn as soon as you move the steering wheel, illuminating the road and traffic signs around every bend. This not only helps you see more easily, but reduces eye fatigue caused by trying to focus in the dark. The lights are also equipped with automatic high beams, another innovation of the BMW i8, which switch between high and low automatically to help avoid blinding others.

Surround View Cameras Give Birds Eye View

Think how much easier it would be to fit into a tight spot if you had an eye in the sky helping you find the way. With BMW’s surround view camera system, you can see obstacles all around your vehicle, helping to avoid little fender benders or injuries to pedestrians. The system also has track lines you can follow to help parallel park, an essential feature for those living in congested urban areas. Use the system to spot cars in your blind spot before you change a lane or to help you from backing over your child’s favorite toy.

Night Vision Shows Obstacles in Dark

Remember that mountain road? It gets pretty dark when you get away from the lights of the city, so BMW has devised a night vision system that lets you see obstacles up to 900 feet ahead. BMWs also have an available heads up display that projects onto the windshield, allowing you to see vital vehicle information without taking your eyes off the road. Take a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback and see how all these new features can help you be a safer driver.