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Maniacal Looking Convertible Offers Tons of Fun

It attacks the road like a menace, the scowling front end, swooping headlights and iconic split kidney grille ready to devour anything that might get in its way. Then your eye goes up a bit. The top is down, the driver’s hair is waving in the wind and the sun’s reflection is beaming off their sunglasses and illuminating a smile as wide as the open spaces where this vehicle is destined to go. BMW’s M4 convertible is a combination monstrous beast and happy-mobile. With 425 horsepower it goes from 0-60 mph in just a hair over four seconds, or less time than it takes to tie your hat on tight.

Beast on the Outside, Beauty on the Inside

Slip into the cockpit of the BMW M4 and you’ll find yourself warmly embraced in the performance-ready 10-way power front seats with enhanced bolsters to keep you in place as you power around corners. Four-way support for your lumbar region makes those long open-road trips a thing of joy, while the illuminated M Logo on the backrest is just cool beyond belief. Take a gander over to the center console where you control the driver mode between more sporty options and comfort on those days when you just want to chill. Paddle shifters on the steering wheel let you shift like a race driver through the seven-speed optional transmission. The BMW full color heads up display shows on the lower part of your windshield, keeping you informed to pertinent vehicle information while your eyes stay focused on the road. Take the M4 through its paces by visiting Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Standard Features Aplenty on BMW M4

BMWs are noted for both their performance and luxury, so expect nothing but the best from even the base model BMW M4 convertible. Start with the TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder power train that provides all the performance you can handle. A 6-speed manual transmission keeps you involved as you power through mountain roads, while M Drive lets you choose just how sporty you want your ride to be. Ventilated anti-lock disc brakes ensure you’ll be able to stop when you need, while aluminum suspension and twin tube shock absorbers are tuned to provide complete control in all types of weather. Along with the afore-mentioned seats, extended Merino leather upholstery bathes the interior in comfort and durability. Automatic climate control, heated seats, numerous power outlets and an infotainment system complete with navigation let you know that this is the car for people who have finally made it. Like it’s impossible to describe the Mona Lisa without actually seeing it, the same is true for the BMW M4 convertible. Luckily, you just have to pop over to Chapman BMW on Camelback to see why this car is truly special.