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i8 Brings the Future to the Present

Ranked number one on the “New York Daily News” list of current favorite BMWs is the newest member to the vehicle line-up, the sporty hybrid i8. Built on a carbon-fiber frame, the i8 gets the equivalent of 72 miles per gallon while going from 0-60 mph in a blistering 4.2 seconds. Try that in your Prius! With the option of plugging the vehicle in or going on pure hybrid power, the car has an extensive range of 330 miles. Along with all that, it carries the coolness required of all BMW vehicles with pride. Sporty gull wing doors and sloping body style announce that this is a car for the future, available right now at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

M235i Offers Rear-wheel Excitement in Sporty Coupe

Although the price is at the lower end of the BMW chain, the M235i provides the excitement of rear-wheel drive in a sporty coupe that is at home on the daily commute or aggressively tearing up corners on a mountain road. The turbocharged six-cylinder engine provides plenty of meat on the bone when you need to pass or just feel like exercising your inner demons. The “Daily News” says this is a good model to buy now and keep for the future when it surely will become a classic.

X5 XDrive35d Provides Upscale SUV Luxury

If your needs run a little more to hauling kids or cargo, the X5 provides a luxury alternative with three rows of seating and 445 horses to conquer any task. Thickly padded leather seats and optional large LCD screens for rear passengers will keep kids or adults quiet on long trips. As expected, BMW uses high quality trim materials such as Fineline Oak to let you know you are having a special driving experience. Test drive the X5 at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW on Camelback.

X1 Offers Same Performance on Smaller Scale

If you don’t need three rows of seating and enough room to move a small apartment, perhaps the X1 SUV is more to your liking. Currently available in rear and all-wheel drive models, rumor is that BMW is changing it over to front wheel drive in the near future. It offers the same luxury as all BMWs, but at a lower price.

X6 M is SUV Disguised as Track Car

With 567 horsepower and all the suspension bells and whistles that the BMW engineers could think of, the X6 M is the perfect vehicle or someone who needs the functionality of an SUV during the week, but the fun of a track car on the weekend. With all wheel X Drive keeping you in control, this vehicle dominates the highway in both aesthetics and performance. A rear diffuser helps optimize aerodynamics as you zoom to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds.


Moving to Fuel Cells Paying Off

BMW first started researching the benefits of a hydrogen-powered vehicle more than 30 years ago, focusing on using the clean energy source to power a modified internal combustion engine. Although the company had some success, including the sporty V-12 Hydrogen 7 concept vehicle in 2006, the problem with storing hydrogen for long periods of time coupled with other inefficiencies made BMW take a different approach. The German automaker is now working on a hydrogen fuel cell alternative that resembles the new hybrid i8. By using hydrogen to power an electric motor, the company has been able to produce a concept vehicle that tops out above 125 mph. Although no date has been schedule for production, you can check out the amazing i8 hybrid at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

BMW and Toyota Working Together on Prototypes

In addition to its own prototype hydrogen vehicle, BMW has formed a partnership with Japanese automaker Toyota. The two companies have created a variety of hydrogen prototypes, including two models that use cryogenic pressure to deliver the hydrogen to the motor. Along with being able to more easily fit the necessary components into the vehicle, this type of system also makes refueling much faster and more convenient that natural gas vehicles.

Cost and Size Still an Issue

The relatively cheap cost of oil and the technology needed to make an efficient hydrogen vehicle still pose some barriers to mass production and public acceptance. Hydrogen power requires expensive components that can really only be used efficiently on small vehicles. The lack of an infrastructure of recharging stations also provides a real obstacle to any mass use of hydrogen vehicles. Still, global climate change requires all automakers to concentrate on reducing emissions. At zero emissions, the technology offered by hydrogen power is an attractive option to help save the planet.

Electric i3 and Hybrid i8 Best Options for Now

If you want to reduce emissions, save the planet and still have an outstanding driving experience, you should consider the newest BMW models that are available for sale at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW. The i3 is an all-electric commuter vehicle with suicide doors, a sporty look and a range of 81 miles. Order the optional range extender and you can drive up to 150 miles between charges. If you like a little more flexibility and power, consider the i8. This hybrid has a TwinPower turbo engine that delivers the equivalent of 76 mpg while going from 0-60 mph in an eye-popping 4.2 seconds.


Concept Car Possibly on Rolls-Royce Scale

The latest BMW concept vehicle is either the flagship successor to the popular BMW 7-Series, or possibly the breeding ground for a new 9-Series that would rival super luxury vehicles like the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Debuted at the Geneva Auto Show, the concept car is an exercise in design and efficiency that utilizes lightweight engineering to go with a super luxury interior and technologically advanced user interface. In the vein of the new i3 and i8, the concept car is made mostly of composite material to reduce the weight and add miles per gallon. Although no plans have been announced to put the car in to mass production, stay tuned to Chapman BMW on Camelback for more information.

Suicide Doors, Rear Recliners Top Features

Because of a special B-pillar design that integrates the body within the front seat frame, BMW is able to offer “suicide” doors, or four doors that all swing outward from the center of the vehicle. Rear passengers may not want to leave after a long ride when they’ve spent hours reclining in custom leather seats and utilizing fold away tables and electronic gadgets that connect to the Internet. The cockpit of the vehicle sports a minimalist design, with only the necessary controls accessed via the touchscreen.

For Now, 7-Series is Top of BMW Line

It’s almost incomprehensible that anyone would need any more luxury than is already provided in the 7-Series sedan. With a base unit starting at $74,000 and the uber-awesome Alpina B7 Sedan coming in at $132,000, these vehicles are the definition of fine living and power. The base BMW 7-Series comes with an amazing 535 horsepower that takes the luxury liner from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. With 44 inches of rear legroom, the car seems bigger than some urban studio apartments. Rich leather upholstery, fine wood trim and seats that swaddle you like a loving mother’s arms are all part of the experience that keeps BMW lovers coming back.

For a little more refinement, take the drive to Chapman BMW on Camelback and experience the Aplina B7 sedan. It’s a couple of ticks faster to 60 miles per hour, but the real difference comes in the customization to your specifications. There are literally hundreds of trim and leather options for you to choose from to make the vehicle unique to your tastes. Special Alpina badging lets everyone know you have discriminating tastes and won’t settle for second best.