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New Luxury Car Coming in Fall

The flagship of the BMW 7-Series, named the G11, has been spotted again on test runs out in the public. Following up on a concept first introduced at the 2014 Bejing Auto Show, the car features a healthy accentuation of chrome all around. Expectations are that the car will have trim packages in concert with BMW’s Luxury Line and Sport Packages, including LED headlight and light aluminum technology. It is expected to be powered by the 320-horsepower engine featured in the 740i, with a strong possibility of a hybrid offering, V-12 and possible V-8. Keep in touch with Chapman BMW on Camelback for news on when the new G11 will hit the showroom floor, but a good guess is about 12 months from now.

7-Series is Pinnacle of BMW Luxury Line

Although all BMWs are steeped in performance and utter creature comforts, the 7-Series is recognized as the deliverance of sheer perfection on four wheels. From the supple leather interior to the iconic kidney grille, the 7-Series delivers performance and comfort to people who demand the very best. Engines range up to 535 horses of pure fun that works with a tuned suspension and control adjustment knob to change the driving experience based on your desires and condition of the road. BMW is always pushing the limits of technology to provide a safer, more fun, and more comfortable time behind the wheel.

Comes in Two Trim Levels

Although the BMW 7-Series comes in both a Base and Alpina trim package, calling anything this expensive and luxurious “base” is a little like calling a hand-massaged steak “meat.” Even the base package provides a vehicle so luxurious you’ll be pinching yourself with the knowledge that “you’ve arrived” at a place in life few others attain. From the multi-contour seats that absorb your body to the 16-speaker immersive sound system and flat-screen rear TV, the BMW 7-Series just requires a chauffeur to finish the fantasy. The Alpina model starts with its own individual badging prominently displayed on the engine, steering wheel and seats. Passengers can fully-stretch out with 44 inches of rear legroom. A full range of technological advancements justify the vehicle’s high price tag, but when you’re looking at a 7-Series do you really have to ask the price?

Experience what Luxury Really Feels Like

You can wait a year or so for the new G11, or head on over to Chapman BMW on Camelback now and just sit in the 7-Series with the windows rolled up. Smell the leather and sink in to the literal lap of luxury to know your time has arrived.