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Some Say the “M” Stands for Maniacal

When the engineers at BMW’s M (it actually stands for Motorsport) subsidiary get their brainy little hands on a vehicle, something magical happens. In the case of the perfectly posh X6 SUV, the peppy cargo and people hauler goes from something nicely suited for hauling a soccer team around to a beast more at home on a Grand Prix circuit. Already outfitted with a substantial 445-horsepower engine, the men and women at the M division added two Honeywell turbochargers to generate an amazing 567 horses. Stand on the accelerator and you’ll be at 60 miles per hour in just 4.0 seconds, well on your way to the mechanically limited speed of 156 miles per hour. Four-tip dual exhaust produces an exhilarating roar, surely designed to get the hearts of soccer moms everywhere racing.

The X6 M has a Personality for Everyone

Adjustable performance modes mean that everyone from grandma to junior can extract a perfect driving experience from this BMW M-Series SUV. Dial in the “Comfort” mode and the vehicle is tame as a kitten, purring along with a quiet ride that befits its luxury car heritage. Turn the notch one click to “Sport” and the beast starts to awaken, letting out a little louder roar as you begin to tame the road. Go full beast mode with “Sport Plus” to hear and feel the thunderous engine at its full potential. The M-Tuned xDrive with Dynamic Performance Control distributes traction evenly to all four wheels, providing the safest way to get through all types of road conditions. Chassis upgrades specific to the M designation are delivered through a double wishbone design in the front. This enables the vehicle to exhibit amazing agility without losing stability in the corners.

This Beast’s Interior is Soft as a Lamb

Just because you’re in a performance vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. As you might expect from a higher-end SUV, the interior is loaded with features designed to tame the road and keep the troubles of the day at bay. An 18-way power, heated pair of front bucket seats delivers both comfort and control by securing the driver and passenger snugly while going through hairpin turns. The front console has plenty of room for electronics and an auxiliary input for charging your phone or tablet. Fine leather trim delivers an air of sophistication while an innovative infotainment system delivers navigation and audio through easily configured voice commands.

As you might imagine, the BMW M-Series X6 is not an inexpensive way to haul your family around, but who can really put a price on insanity? Check out the latest M-Series models at Chapman BMW on Camelback.