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How the Internet has changed the car-buying experience


With the advent of mobile devices and Internet sites devoted to providing information to a car buying public, the secrecy that once shrouded the auto buying process in a cloak of mystery is now an open book. A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates reveals that the traditional car dealership model of negotiation and forceful sales tactics is as dead as the proverbial dinosaur.

Chapman BMW on Camelback welcomes the well-informed customer looking for the best deal on new and used BMWs in the Phoenix area. Clearly-marked prices, an easy-to-navigate website and a streamlined buying experience make purchasing your new BMW a pleasure and not a chore. Customers are now armed with smart phones and the ability to look up reviews and pricing information about particular cars in an instant. We know that the inventory of a dealership down the street is at your fingertips. As a result, customer service is much more important than maintaining a certain price point.

The result is a haggle-free shopping experience that cuts the car buying time in at least half from what it was just several years ago. Most customers know exactly what the average buyer pays for a particular vehicle, as well as what a trade is worth. The result is turning the aggressive salesperson of the past into a consultant just looking to provide a stress-free car buying experience.

It wasn’t that long ago when customers would go into a car dealership with no more information than a model and color in mind. By utilizing such websites as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book, it is easy for customers to find reviews, pricing information and total cost of ownership figures for the lifetime of the car. Customers can now compare different models, research standard features and options and come to the dealership knowing exactly what they are looking for.

As your Phoenix BMW dealer, our website features detailed photos and information on our entire inventory of new and used vehicles. You can get pre-approved for credit, obtain special pricing and learn everything there is to know about BMW’s maintenance program and different warranty levels.

To keep up with our customers’ enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about the BMW product line, all our sales staff and management are trained on every model and ready to answer your questions. Knowledgeable customers make our job easier, which is to provide performance based luxury cars to the general public through a number of affordable financing and leasing options.

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