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BMW Unveils the i3 Electric Car

BMW i3

Although the electric car segment is fairly new, it has not been subject to a great deal of innovation beyond frequent tweaks to improve the range of electricity-powered vehicles.  Enter the BMW i3 – an electric car set to recharge the electric industry and leave the competition behind.

Expected to arrive at your Phoenix BMW dealer in 2014, the BMW i3is the German luxury automaker’s answer to current leading electric models.  Designing a premium-quality electric car is no simple task, however, and must begin with a smart core design.  For this purpose, BMW created the LifeDrive architecture, which is custom-designed specifically for electric cars.

LifeDrive divides the vehicle into two modules: the Life module and the Drive module.  The Life module is the passenger compartment, constructed with premium sustainable materials – carbon fiber, hemp, and other materials abound – to create a spacious and comfortable environment for both driver and passenger.  The Drive module, as its name suggests, houses all of the components needed to move the i3, including the drive train, the batteries, suspension, and safety components.  The creativity of this architectural structure may not be immediately apparent, but your local BMW dealer can provide diagrams and other information to demonstrate how LifeDrive will likely change the electric car industry going forward.

By segregating the i3 into these two modules, BMW designed an electric car that can have its cake and eat it, too, with a roomy interior uncluttered by consoles concealing the transmission and other mechanical components.  BMW also touts the i3’s low center of gravity – and accompanying agile handling profile – made possible by the skateboard-like design of the Drive module isolating most of the car’s weight well below the occupants.

If you test drive an i3, expect a Car and Driver-confirmed 0-60 time under 7 seconds care of the 170-horsepower electric motor and single-speed direct drive transmission.  Fuel efficiency should land somewhere around 125 miles per gallon equivalent for the base i3 with an optional range extension package adding a 2.4-gallon fuel tank not otherwise present on the model.

Don’t miss out on BMW’s unique take on the electric car when the i3 arrives at Chapman BMW on Camelback in 2014. If you have been waiting for the right time to go electric, that time has arrived.

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