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BMW 3-series vehicles are iconic sedans. They are known to be fast, sporty, safe, quality and stylish. Many people think of a BMW 3-series when they think of sports car style sedan. In other words, over time it has become THE sports sedan. BMW recently announced they will introduce two new versions of the 3-series. One being a larger than normal 3-series Gran Turismo; the other will be the smaller than normal 3-series 320i. This article is about the new, less expensive 320i. The 320i is now available at Chapman BMW and its affiliated Phoenix BMW dealers.

The new BMW 2013 320i is being introduced to make the iconic sports car more accessible to the masses. It is priced closer to $30,000 than $40,000 and will be slightly less powerful. It has the same N20 2-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that the 328i has but puts out 180 horsepower to the 328i’s 240. The loss in horsepower will only be noticeable to drivers who plan on pushing their BMW to its limits; urban commuters will only notice the lower price.

Even with the hit in horsepower, still calls it, “one of our all-time favorites.” The 320i will be available with a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic. Rear wheel drive is standard but all wheel upgrades are available. The new 2013 BMW 320i’s fuel economy is estimated at an impressive 23 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway.  It also comes with a selectable Eco pro setting that will conserve gas. It also has an automatic start-stop engine setting that can be selected. Once selected the car will literally turn the engine off for you when idling at a long stoplight or fast food drive through.  It will then automatically and instantaneously start and drive once the gas pedal is pushed again. The new 2013 320i is available now at Chapman BMW Phoenix.