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The BMW ActiveHybrid Sedans

BMW has always been known for manufacturing an automobile with a near-perfect blend of performance and sophistication for the driver who requires the most out of his or her chosen vehicle.  In years past, this often meant that BMW produced powerful, technologically advanced cars which left something to be desired at the fuel pump.  More recently, however, the arrival of the ActiveHybrid series at the premier Phoenix BMW dealer has changed the state of things in the Valley of the Sun.

ActiveHybrid 3.  More commonly known as the “3-series hybrid,” the ActiveHybrid 3 feels more like a sports sedan than an eco-friendly gas-electric (a phrase which conjures up images of a tiny car with a tiny motor whirring away as every other car zips by on the highway).  The ActiveHybrid 3 combines virtually everything that is great about the 3-series and adds a 55 horsepower electric motor – along with accompanying technology to ensure that no energy is wasted – to ensure peak efficiency.  At 335 total horsepower and EPA-rated 33 highway miles per gallon, there are few hybrids on the market which so masterfully pair together everything that contemporary drivers desire.

ActiveHybrid 5.  The ActiveHybrid 5 does for the 535i everything that the ActiveHybrid 3 does for the 3-series:  no sacrifice of power or luxury, but markedly improved fuel efficiency.  The ActiveHybrid 5 (as well as the other entries in the ActiveHybrid series) offers an optional specially designed navigation system.  This groundbreaking piece of futuristic technology maps the topography of the driver’s selected route and plans energy usage accordingly:  electric power will be reserved for hill climbs, the gas engine will disengage from the 8-speed transmission to take advantage of the vehicle’s momentum during downhill descents, and the last few miles of the journey will be powered by electricity alone where possible.

ActiveHybrid 7.  Take all of the features mentioned above (and a whole lot more to boot), then add a Bang & Olufsen surround sound system, night vision with pedestrian detection, hands-free trunk, four-zone automatic climate control, and every other amenity one could possibly want.  Mate all of that to a turbocharged V-6 loaded into the sublimely appointed exterior styling of a 7-series sedan, then imagine that the ActiveHybrid 7 still achieves over 30 highway miles per gallon.  Too good to be true?  Not exactly, as Chapman BMW on Camelback can show you with a tour of its state-of-the-art facility and, of course, an ActiveHybrid sedan.

Each entry in the ActiveHybrid line is a spectacle in itself.  Taken together, the ActiveHybrids demonstrate BMW’s commitment not to compromise, but to meet and exceed each new standard set by discerning automotive consumers.