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The BMW Lifestyle Product Line: Perfect for Mother’s Day and every other day.


The BMW Lifestyle Product line allows BMW owners to experience the ultimate driving experience in a whole new way. With seven different categories and hundreds of gift and accessory items, BMW makes it easy to incorporate the high quality and prestige of the BMW brand into all aspects of your life. With Mother’s Day just around the corner the BMW Lifestyle Products are also the perfect spot to find a gift any BMW mother would approve of.

The “Accessories & Gifts” section features precision-crafted accessories created for those who want to have a way to express their love for their BMW. This category includes everything from classic pens, designer luggage, and premium golf supplies. Some of the best selling items include a boardcase luggage set that has a sturdy exterior with lots of storage space. The luggage set features retractable telescopic handles, four wheels, and a BMW M stripe along the front. Another popular item is the 8GB USB that is modeled to look exactly like a BMW key. There is a gift for any BMW lover in this section whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.

In the “Apparel” category you can find multiple styles of shirts, jackets, polos, sport tanks, and outerwear for kids, ladies, and men. The men’s apparel line incorporates classic BMW design with a modern take on fashion. One favorite item is the men’s year-round jacket. This breathable, wind and water-resistant jacket has a special BMW zip pull and comes in every size from small to XX-large. In the kids section, you can find items for both girls and boys and at a reasonable price. The BMW Kids’ JOY Tee that is featured is only $28.00. The ladies apparel is said to “ensure your outfit is as stylish as your vehicle”, and has everything from workout wear to weekend getaway attire. This section would be perfect to check out for the ideal Mother’s Day gift. One fun item is the BMW M Ladies Sequined Tee; it has a rhinestone M logo on the front and BMW M stripes below the seam.

In the “By Vehicle” category you can shop for accessories by your specific vehicle model, ensuring everyone will know you’re a proud BMW owner. Virtually every BMW model has its own selection of items. The popular BMW 3 series items include a BMW 3 series Pendant Key Ring that has a nickel-finish, which is available at your BMW dealer. The M series has over sixty model specific accessories including multiple t-shirts, wallets, and hats.

The “For Her” section has 145 items that would make any BMW girl happy. There is even a BMW cruise bike with a unique aluminum frame. The cables for the brakes and gear system are almost invisible, and the stem features the BMW logo. This gift would be perfect for anyone going off to college.

The “For Him” category also features a BMW M Carbon Racer Bike, as well as everything from watches to golf and travel accessories. One new item just added is the BMW M3 Halo T-Shirt that has a space gray M3 with illuminated corona rings and the BMW logo on the left sleeve.

The next section is “For Kids”, where you can find multiple pedal cars such as the BMW 328 Roadster Pedal Car. The classically-designed pedal car is equipped with specialized rubber tires and is suitable for kids 3 to 5 years old. A perfect gift so that any kid can have a car just like mommy and daddy’s.

The last category is “Motorsport” where you can find an array of shirts, hats, and other fun items.  It even includes a BMW Motorsport Teddy Bear complete with a racing suit and cap embellished with BMW M stripe detail, wordmark, and logo.

On top of the lifestyle products BMW offers an array of accessories for the interior, exterior, or general use of your vehicle, that are both practical and stylish. Whether you have a new or used BMW, the lifestyle and vehicle accessory lines allow any BMW driver to accessorize on and off the road. Any of the items featured here or online would be the perfect gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day and can be easily bought at your Chapman BMW dealer.

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