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Chapman BMW Camelback

With gas prices on the rise and more stringent corporate fuel-economy standards on the horizon, it’s only right that BMW have a solution for its BMW drivers to consider.  A 4 cylinder TwinPower (single turbocharger) the first in the brand since 1999 is on its way to our showroom starting this fall.

BMW is substituting its much loved two turbochargers with a single TwinPower turbocharger on some engines, A single turbocharger with two scrolls is more efficient, and we like those words a lot, on engines that have cylinders positioned in a straight line  Do not fret our BMW enthusiasts, the twin-turbo technology will persist on high-performance 6- and 8-cylinder models, as well some diesel engines.

We are looking forward to welcoming the new BMW Z4 sDrive28i to the family and being able to offer our customers the option of going with something efficient and yet still carrying the undeniable class and performance the BMW vehicles have earned.

The Scoop: This Z4 is the first BMW to get the company’s new turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, which takes this sports car back to its roots. Its predecessor, the Z3 roadster, was only offered with a 4-cylinder when it first launched in 1996. The new turbo 4-cylinder replaces the base inline 6-cylinder engine on the current Z4, which means the sDrive30i model is discontinued. Although it makes 15 horsepower less than the 6-cylinder it replaces, the new 4-cylinder cranks out 40 lb-ft more torque, which is a lot. It’s also 20 percent more efficient. The twin-scroll turbocharger makes it all possible, along with a litany of other mind-boggling feats of engineering. 

I could go on about the LDS-coated crankcase cylinder bores, height-staggered balance shafts and dual-mass flywheels,  increased torque, improved performance and much reduced fuel consumption  and emission levels but I am not going to lie that borders on being past my technical ability, this however does not: I think this new 4-cylinder is going to be a jewel of an engine. With its athletic design, agile handling and still powerful engine The fact that it’s lighter, too, will only make the Z4 even more fun to drive!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of the New 2012 Z4 arriving at your Chapman BMW on Camelback showroom soon!