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BMW X3 Difference Event - Chapman BMW on CamelbackCOME ONE – COME ALL!  REGISTER AT THE LINK BELOW AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!  BMW enthusiasts dont miss this one day event!  Experience the difference when the BMW X3 takes on the competition.  You are invited to an impressive one time, one day only comparison event being held at Champman BMW on Camelback.  Get behind the wheel of the exhilarating all-new BMW X3 SAV, and then, at the same event, get behind the wheel of one of its competitiors and experience for yourself the difference.

Experience firsthand  the all-new BMW X3 completely redesigned from the ground up.  Dont miss the chance to participate in the BMW X3 Difference Event.  As thanks from Chapman BMW on Camelback for your participation you will recieve a complimentary gift when you purchase or lease an all-new 2011 BMW X3!

All you have to do is:  register at: or call 1-866-905-4269 to sign up for your preferred driving time slot.  Spaces are limited for this event so sign up now.  And mark your calendar for:  March 16th, 2011, Wednesday, 11:00Am – 6:45PM.  Chapman BMW on Camelback, 830 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014.



BMWNA announces “BEST BMW” Dealerships in the U.S.:

BMW North America has just informed Chapman BMW on Camelback that we are one in the top 10% in the Nation that will be receiving the “2011 Center of Excellence Award” and we could not be happier or more proud to receive such an award. Out of over 300 BMW Dealerships nationwide we have been chosen, and yes I will repeat, one of the TOP 10% to receive the award Nationwide and that is a great accomplishment for our dealership and all of our employee’s.

Over 300 competing for the limited positions the following criteria for the award is used: customer satisfaction, brand representation, and operational excellence.

BMW of North America has named us among the top performing dealerships in the Unites States. Chapman BMW on Camelback has made large investments improving its sales facilities and repair workshops, refining processes and focusing on top-tier customer service, making us one of the most successful BMW dealerships in the US.

We offer a premium experience to our customers, and the award comes to us due to the way we take care of our customers and represent the BMW Brand.  Our efforts to provide exceptional customer service have become a crucial part of our continued success even in today’s challenging economic climate.  Anyone who is in the market for a BMW, whether it be New or Certified Pre-Owned can expect to receive “The Ultimate Ownership Experience” at Chapman BMW on Camelback.  We look forward to continuing to grow our client base in sales and service and welcoming all new “Ultimate Driving Machine” Owners! 


Visit our website for sales and service at:

This past weekend Chapman BMW on Camelback was proud to host its First Annual Chapman Choice BMW/Road Runner BMW Club Concourse Event in celebration of the BMW Marquee!  Planned and organized by our New Car Sales Manager we offered food from the delicious Zsa Zsa Hot Dog Company and provided beverages. Also in the mix was our friendly District Manager from Sirius XM Satellite Radio playing tunes to entertain the crowd and entrants, they even threw in a few give aways while they were here. 

The day was a huge success!  We entertained 47 entries from all over the state.  It was a tough decision for the judges to pick the final three but they made their choices and the winners were: 3rd Place JEFF HOBBS who entered his very impressive 1978 635.  Jeff won a trophy from the Road Runner BMW Club and $100.00 in service & parts cash from Chapman BMW on Camelback.  2nd Place was taken by MARK HALL with his rare and beautiful Z1, also recieved a trophy from the Road Runner BMW Club and $250.00 in service & parts cash from Chapman BMW on Camelback.  And the best for last in 1st Place was GREG JAMES with his winning entry of a stunning Z3 M Coupe, Greg got the biggest trophy of course from the Road Runner BMW Club and $500.00 in service & parts cash from Chapman BMW on Camelback.

It was a great day for all and the BMW Club Memeber’s, our staff at Chapman BMW on Camelback and all those involved and visiting enthusiasts had a fun filled day with all their fellow Beamer Buddies.  We will let you all know about next years date for the event and will look forward to seeing you all there!

I have added the winning pictures only as there were too many entries to post!  Thanks for reading and for being a supporter of Chapman BMW on Camelback!

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X5’s, 3 series, 1 series, sedan’s, coupes and convertibles! 

Thats right BMW buff’s Chapman BMW on Camelback is offering some serious discounts on select vehicles in our Executive Sales Event.  2010 Demo Models $6,000 – $13,000 OFF retail price.  Be the first to take advantage of this news and spread the word, these vehicles won’t last long at these prices. 

Call us 602-308-4269 – email us – visit the INTERNET DEPARTMENT – 830 E Camelback Road, Phoenix – visit our website – However you want to do it contact us and let us help you get into one of these amazing deals and save you thousands! 

CHAPMAN BMW ON CAMELBACK INTERNET DEPARTMENT– always striving to give you the best deals on the best vehicles. 

Just to keep you up to date on the continuous forward motion and growth here at Chapman BMW on Camelback!  Growing you say? That’s right we are introducing two Service Advisors, several Mechanical Tech’s and a Tire Shop at our 1144 E Camelback Road, Certified Pre-Owned location for the added volume of our Certified Pre-Owned Department.  As of today February 1, 2011 the Certified Pre-Owned facility will now be able to handle all of its Certified Pre-Owned vehicle needs internally and in one location, covering BMW Certifications, Tire Replacement and Repairs to bring these vehicle’s back to spec and prepare them for their new “Ultimate Drivers”! 

We have also added an additional Service Advisor, expanded our Tire Department and increased the number of Mechanical Techs at the 830 E Camelback Road location, all to better handle our existing and prospective valued Service Customers.

In addition to these changes we will soon introduce a new Internet Office located in the 1144 E Camelback Location and add an new valued team member to the department!  It’s all ‘Grow’ here at Chapman BMW on Camelback and we look forward to seeing many of you in 2011 for whatever your needs are, or just to come and check out all the hot new 2011 BMW’s and the vast selection of quality Certified BMW’s.  You can of course always view our inventory at

Check out the coverage we can offer for your driving safety in addition to our amazing 4 year/50,000 mile warranty: